THE SUN Building (Hong Kong)
Hot Line: (852) 2669 0868

The Sun Group was founded in 1964, is Hong Kong's largest Plastic sheets and Silicone Sealants specialist supplier.

The Group has a leading position in the construction, decoration, advertising and industrial markets with high-profile and well known reputation.The products supplied by the Group, are in compliance with ISO 9001. The Group is also on list of Hong Kong Government's approved material suppliers.

The Sun Group in 1992, owning the whole block of commercial and industrial "The Sun Building" in On Lok Tsuen, Fanling as the headquarters of the Group, in order to focus on strategic planning, procurement, marketing, logistics management in both Hong Kong and China market. As well, improve the operational efficiency of the Group's business to control the overall cost, and provide the market the good products with a competitive price.

The Sun Group's retail sales network of four outlet locate in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to provide the standard colour and custom size of products to customers.


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